Tacky, tasteless and a vanity that’s out of this world! MAUREEN CALLAHAN skewers Vogue’s new pin-ups Lauren Sanchez and Jeff Bezos as a pair of intergalactic egos who just CAN’T read the room

Tacky, tasteless and a vanity that's out of this world! MAUREEN CALLAHAN skewers Vogue's

Lauren Sánchez is ready for her close-up. Not since David Geffen posted from his private yacht at the height of quarantine have we seen such an aggressively tacky, tone-deaf display of wealth, this time in the pages of Vogue. This isn’t just a fawning profile of Sánchez and fiancé Jeff Bezos – it’s slobbering, non-critical, and as superficial as their pneumatic physiques. Here is Sánchez, 53, on her wardrobe: ‘I’ve always found it interesting that people say, ‘Well, Lauren, you definitely dress more for men.’ I actually dress for myself.’ ‘But it works for Jeff,’ says Jeff, employing that most insufferable narcissistic tic – referring to oneself in the third person. Sly observations are sprinkled throughout, but this is otherwise an Anna Wintour special: Questions without teeth, controversies ignored, scandals and extra-marital affairs elided…

David Miscavige’s former right-hand man lifts lid on Scientology leader’s relationship with Tom Cruise, his luxurious lifestyle and the woman who took wife Shelly’s place

EXCLUSIVE: Former Scientologist Mitch Brisker lifts lid on church leader David Miscavige's

David Miscavige, leader of the Church of Scientology, is a reclusive man with a penchant for designer clothes, a hunger for gifts, fast cars, and superbikes and fondness for thumping music. And, according to one of his closest lieutenants, he ‘exiled’ his wife Shelly seemingly without a second thought because he was ‘done with her.’ This is the picture of the man painted by Mitch Brisker, 74, former Senior Director and Creative Executive of Scientology’s Golden Era Studios. For thirty years Brisker was, by his own admission, Chief Architect of Scientology’s Propaganda and a trusted right-hand man to its leader, Miscavige, 63.Once a member of the church’s upper echelons, he left the church just over a year ago after clashing with Miscavige and losing faith in what it stood for. Now, he is speaking out for the first time in an exclusive interview with giving his unique insight into Miscavige, his personality, his ‘missing’ wife, his infamous friendship with Tom Cruise and the luxurious lifestyle of the man whom, he says, conducts himself like a ‘super celebrity.’