Stanford newspaper scoop leads to corruption investigation of school president as University bribes are exposed

Stanford has fallen: Prestigious college is plagued by anti-Semitism and refuses to discipline teaching assistant who said he’d welcome Biden’s assassination and Hamas US government

Stanford University’s Jewish cohort say they have been plagued by shocking cases of anti-Semitism ever since Hamas triggered the Middle East conflict with the October 7 attacks.

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Marc Tessier-Lavigne attends the 2020 Breakthrough Prize red carpet at NASA's Ames Research Center on Nov. 3, 2019, in Mountain View, Calif. The Stanford University president is being investigated after the Stanford Daily reported that he committed scientific research misconduct.
Marc Tessier-Lavigne attends the 2020 Breakthrough Prize red carpet at NASA’s Ames Research Center on Nov. 3, 2019, in Mountain View, Calif. The Stanford University president is being investigated after the Stanford Daily reported that he committed scientific research misconduct.Ian Tuttle/Getty Images

Stanford President Marc Tessier-Lavigne is the subject of a university investigation following a report from the school’s newspaper, the Stanford Daily, that he committed scientific research misconduct.

Earlier this week, the Stanford Daily published an exhaustive story about a number of papers co-authored over the last few decades by Tessier-Lavigne — a neuroscientist — that contained potentially altered images. The Stanford Daily spoke to multiple experts who reviewed the papers, which appeared in the Science and Nature academic journals, and they all came to the same conclusion about the altered imagery, a serious charge in the research field.

At first, a Stanford spokesperson downplayed the findings from the student newspaper story, writing that for two of the research papers in question, Tessier-Lavigne “was not involved in any way in the generation or presentation of the panels that have been queried,” and for two other research papers in question, the allegedly altered images “do not affect the data, results or interpretation of the papers.”

But Elisabeth Bik, a highly regarded scientific researcher who’s “a specialist in spotting manipulated images,” according to Science academic journal, pushed back forcefully against the university’s assessment.

“I hope that Dr. Tessier-Lavigne will not brush off these concerns as irrelevant,” Bik wrote to the Stanford Daily. “There appear to be a lot of visible errors in these papers, and some duplications are suggestive [of] an intention to mislead. Dismissing these as not affecting the data is not very reassuring.”

After the Stanford Daily’s report, as well as reports from other publications, Stanford changed tactics. On Tuesday night, Stanford announced an investigation into Tessier-Lavigne’s research. The school “will assess the allegations presented in The Stanford Daily, consistent with its normal rigorous approach by which allegations of research misconduct are reviewed and investigated,” a spokesperson wrote in a statement.


Corrupt Stanford University family dynasties 1% on target to own two-thirds of all wealth by 2030

STANFORD DOUCHEBAGS Stanford University Reports Show Odds of Hillary Winning Primaries WITHOUT Fraud Were 1 in 77 Billion


Stanford University Elitist Rapists Get Away with..RAPE; All The Time!

Stanford University Teaches, Promotes And Protects Sociopaths And Hate


How the Elite Scumbag Bosses At Stanford University Got Busted For Selling Snootiness

Google Executives Pay Stanford University Sorority Girls For Sex SA – CORRUPTION AT GOOGLE – THE TECH SEX CULT AND ABUSES


The non-stop sex scandals and student rape crisis at Stanford University – SILICON VALLEY TECH SEX CULT AND ABUSE

Stanford_University_Teaches_Promotes_And_Protects_Sociopaths_And_Hate (copy)





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—- Epic racism

—- Inter-Staff sex scandals that make the whole campus look like A Caligula party

—- Dynastic families control the whole campus

—- Arab, Iranian and Chinese oligarchs pay bribes to get their kids in

—- The CIA is always recruiting everyone and the most notorious spy project: STARGATE, happened at Stanford

—- The Russian, Iranian and Chinese spy agencies have placed a huge number of spies on the campus as ‘pretend students’ and pretend teachers

—- Elitism is rampant

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—- To afford the fees, the girl students work as hookers at the Rosewood Hotel.

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Beyond being highly addictive, last year’s season highlighted the exclusivity surrounding Greek lie, which is heavily rooted in racism, classism and sexism.

The majority of both active and PNMs on Bama Rush TikTok appeared to look practically identical – all white women with blonde locks and fake tans, which is unsurprising considering Alabama only desegregated their sororities nine years ago.

In 2013 Black students complained about the racism and discrimination in Greek life, and University officials ordered the sororities to end segregation after The Crimson White reported on the allegations that Black students were blocked from joining the all-white chapters.

Despite the segregation officially ending in 2013, things don’t seem to have gotten much better.

According to the The Crimson White, University of Alabama sororities were about 89 per cent white in 2021, down only five per cent from 2011.

To help fight allegations of racism, the University is now reportedly requiring chapter members to complete diversity training in preparation for rush week.

And although a few need-based scholarships are provided, the organization further shows their classism foundation through steep financial obligations.

In addition to rush week essentials PNMs splurge on, the average cost of fees for new member is $4,170 per semester, according to University data.

And the outrageous cost of being a sorority member at Bama just gets higher, chapter and meals fees for active members who live in the house total around $7,465 per semester.

However, the flawed system doesn’t stop the world from tuning in to season two and getting hooked on whether or not their favorite ‘character’ received a bid from their dream home.

Nothing but a $$$$popularity contest$$$$.

The part I hate is that girls who dont make it are crushed. There are so few places at Alabama and so many more girls competing for one. And dont get me started on fraternities. The amount of alcohol allowed at the on campus fraternity houses is endless, massive quantities and the school officials wink and nod and look the other way.

People that pay for friends are pathetic

They look like recycled Barbies

The most asked question is “why does my head whistle when I walk?

I wanna go to college for the rest of my life Sip bankers club and drink miller lite On thirsty Thursday and Tuesday night ice And I can get pizza a dollar a slice…

Sororities & Fraternities are bad for college students. The hazing, excessive drugs & alcohol that goes on there is terrible. Join clubs or intramural sports if you want to make new friends. Don’t put yourself thru that abuse, it’s not worth it.

Idiot people who pay thousands to go to college for the “experience” instead of an education.

‘Addicted to Funding From China’: Stanford Rakes in Chinese Cash Bribes And Payola

Stanford University has taken more than $27 million from Chinese entities since the start of 2021


Adam Kredo

Stanford University has raked in more than $27 million from Chinese entities since the start of 2021, underscoring the Communist Party’s influence-peddling operations at major American colleges.

The funding came through 42 donations throughout 2021 and into early 2022, according to the latest figures publicly available through the Education Department’s reporting database. The database does not specify the exact source of the funding, beyond the country of origin, but details the total amount of every gift and contract from the CCP as part of federal reporting requirements. Stanford did not respond to a Washington Free Beacon request for further information about the donations or its partnerships with China.

The opacity of this funding—and the millions of dollars China hands out to a range of prominent U.S. universities—could place Stanford in Congress’s crosshairs as the Republican-controlled House ramps up investigations into Chinese influence-peddling. Stanford University is not the only university raking in cash from China—the University of Delaware, which houses the Biden Institute, since 2017 has taken more than $6 million from the country. The House Select Committee on China is eyeing a potential probe into the Chinese Communist Party’s supply of more than $426 million to U.S. universities since 2011, according to sources who spoke to the Free Beacon.

Rep. Jim Banks (R., Ind.), a member of the House Select Committee on China, told the Free Beacon that Chinese funding for American schools has skyrocketed under the Biden administration because the administration stopped enforcing a federal code governing how foreign gifts and donations are reported. Lobbyists representing American schools have been pressuring the administration to relax regulations governing the reporting of foreign donations. The administration also nixed several federal investigations into CCP influence at U.S. universities, Banks said.

“Colleges are likely pocketing even more than reported,” according to Banks. “Even worse, the Biden administration shut down all ongoing investigations into the Chinese Communist Party’s influence efforts at our universities. House Republicans need to force Joe Biden’s hand and pass legislation to crack down on foreign influence at our universities.”

National security analysts have also been sounding the alarm over China’s presence in American higher learning. The country has been the largest source of foreign donations to U.S. universities since 2013, according to congressional information, and tuition from Chinese students is worth an estimated $12 billion per year.

Michael Sobolik, a China expert at the American Foreign Policy Council, said that “American higher education is addicted to funding from China,” money that he says “greases the skids for CCP malign influence in our colleges, like espionage, IP theft, and censorship.”

While Stanford is not the only university raking in Chinese cash, the school has publicly battled the perception that it is a breeding ground for Communist Party espionage.

In 2021, for instance, the school opened up a Chinese studies center that hosted “scholars, guests, and programs affiliated with groups backed by the Chinese Communist Party,” the Free Beacon reported at the time. The Stanford-run institute also has ties to China’s Peking University, which work alongside the Communist Party’s defense industry and nuclear weapons program.

That same year, federal authorities accused a Chinese researcher working at Stanford of secretly working as a member of China’s military. The researcher, Chen Song, “destroyed documents in a failed attempt to conceal her true identity,” according to prosecutors.

Concerns about China’s influence at Stanford come against the backdrop of the university’s parallel work on behalf of the Pentagon. The school in 2022 took in $1.9 million from the Defense Department to study “multiphase detonation of liquid aeropropulsion fuels,” which could apply to advanced military technologies such as hypersonic missiles—weapons of great interest to China. Other Pentagon grants revolve around work on the Air Force’s technology and science sectors.

Banks and other lawmakers say that China’s foothold at Stanford could endanger the operational security of these delicate Pentagon-funded research projects, particularly because the Communist regime is bent on stealing proprietary American research.

“It’s outrageous that schools like Stanford are taking millions from Beijing while partnering with [the Defense Department],” Banks said. “While some institutions like Purdue, a hypersonics research hub in my state, cut off all ties with its [Chinese] Confucius Institute over espionage concerns, not all schools take national security seriously, and the White House is making it easier than ever for them to cozy up with China.”

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