Music mogul David Foster’s daughters Sara and Erin say they ‘like, hate’ California Gov. Gavin Newsom and accuse him of trying to turn Golden State into SOCIALIST hellhole

Music mogul David Foster's daughters Sara and Erin say they 'like, hate' California Gov.

During their podcast, Sara, 42, and Erin Foster, 41,  opened up about their resentment towards their home state. They are the daughters of legendary artist and music mogul David Foster , who has a net worth of $150 million and has helped produce albums for some of the most prominent artists of all time. Model and actress Sara admitted that she ‘blamed everything on Newsom’, after addressing a bill he was ‘trying to pass’. Speaking on ‘The World’s First Podcast’, she said: ‘Newsom is, like, the worst’, before Erin added: ‘Yeah, I hate him.’

California family DISOWN Golden State and say they love the ‘freedom’ and ‘better schools’ in Texas after fleeing during pandemic and ‘over-the-top’ COVID rules

Chuck and Jennifer Balek, who have six children, have celebrated the move to the Lone Star state after moving to Rockwall, Texas, from Cam

Wild brawl breaks out between men and women at 49ers in San Francisco – with one losing her WIG… days after Patriots fan died in bleachers bust-up

A violent brawl broke out between an unruly group of men and women at the 49ers and Giants Thursday Night Football match in San Francisco. In the chaotic altercation which has since gone viral, one woman was violently pulled to the ground by her hair while another lost her wig in the fracas. The video posted by @T_Stephenson1 on X, shows a man in a black 49ers jacket grappling with a woman sporting black pants and a red Niners shirt.

  1. Dec 1, 2022The Road to American Socialism Runs Through California By Dave Kempa Socialists have unique advantages in California, where a “jungle” primary system elevates the top two candidates to the general election regardless of party affiliation, and the Republican Party is moribund. Let’s take advantage of it.