Masters of the Universe: Corrupt Google Tries to Weasel Its Way Out of Trial in Ad Monopoly Case with BRIBE Payoff

Masters of the Universe: Corrupt Google Tries to Weasel Its Way Out of Trial in Ad Monopoly Case with BRIBE Payoff

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In an attempt to prevent its advertising monopoly case from being heard by a jury, Google has reportedly offered to pay the U.S. Department of Justice a sum covering the full monetary damages sought by the government agency.

The Register reports that Google, the tech giant facing an antitrust jury trial over allegations of monopolizing the online advertising market, has taken an unconventional approach to avoid the case being heard by a jury. According to a recent federal court filing in Virginia, Google has offered the DoJ a check for an undisclosed amount, claiming that it covers the entirety of the monetary damages sought by the government.


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The move comes as Google asserts that the DOJ’s request for a jury trial is unwarranted, arguing that the case is highly technical and beyond the comprehension of most prospective jurors. “DOJ manufactured a damages claim at the last minute in an attempt to secure a jury trial in a case even they describe as ‘highly technical’ and ‘outside the everyday knowledge of most prospective jurors,’” Google stated to the Register.

Despite offering the payment, Google maintains its innocence against the charges of abusing its monopoly position in the online advertising market. The company emphasizes its eagerness to defend its operations and strategies in court, albeit without the involvement of a jury.

The antitrust case, filed in early 2023, has garnered significant attention, with the number of state plaintiffs growing to 17 in addition to the DoJ. The original complaint accused Google of acquiring competitors, coercing publishers and advertisers into using its tools, and manipulating ad space auctions to eliminate or diminish any threat to its dominance in the digital advertising technology sector.

While the exact amount offered by Google remains undisclosed, the company claims that the DOJ’s damages case has significantly diminished from its initial description. Originally, the DOJ claimed damages exceeding $100 million for ads placed by certain federal agencies. However, Google asserts that through the discovery process, the claim has been reduced to less than a million dollars, an amount less than what the company spent on hiring experts for the case.

Famous politicians and their Big Tech financiers joined forces to manipulate government Dept of Energy, HUD, EPA and other funds, and stock market rigged “pumps” into their own pockets in the last two “stimulus” funds.

There has never been so much taxpayer cash given to so few people, where each, and every, one of the recipients was a friend of the politicians. Those who got the cash immediately skimmed “unjust stock market profits” with it and paid kick-backs to the politicians.

Almost every competitor to the insiders, was attacked and sabotaged using state and federal resources. The victims demand justice and restitution for the government investment fraud, loss of years of their lives under a false federal pretext, harassment and interference they suffered. The victims seek to be compensated for the malicious, proven, retribution tactics, lies, toxic exposures, vendetta cut-offs of all earned government funds and benefits, tort-based interference, “missing hard drives” and interdiction efforts conducted, with applicants own tax dollars, against the applicants.

This is a felony-class slush-fund crime that has cost taxpayers trillions of dollars in losses and has cost Plaintiffs many tens of millions of dollars in damages and losses.

Big investment banks like J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, et al. coordinated these schemes with money laundering, tax evasion, offshore covert funds and other financial trickery. FinCEN, Interpol, FBI, GAO, and most other investigators, have proof of these assertions but they have been stalled from making arrests. The money-tracks go right back to the politicians families from the bank accounts of Google, Facebook, Tesla, Netflix, Sony Pictures, etc; forensic accounting records. Government agencies were in charge of making sure these crimes did not happen but they chose to ‘steal instead of serve’! They chose to help these crooks ‘cheat instead of compete’!

The politicians that the taxpayers EMPLOY do not get to make hundreds of millions of dollars in crooked profits off of government funds that are supposed to help citizens under duress. They won’t let us have a jury trial or a live Senate hearing because they know they will lose and they will be shamed!

They dug their own graves and now it is up to the voters to bury them in the next election!

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