Why Elon Musk, Steven Chu and John Doerr hate hydrogen more than anything on Earth!

There are an extraordinary number of media references about how much these two hate clean, sustainable, non-toxic, hydrogen energy, fuel cells and water-based energy: Because it obsoletes their lithium mining scam.

Let’s examine the facts

At the venture capital insider meeting sponsored by Montgomery Securities in San Francisco, just before the whole

“CleanTech” situation appeared, John Doerr described his plan to get rid of hydrogen, and fuel cells, and make his lithium ion holdings the dominant market driver. This fact has now been documented. Like the now famous “AngelGate” scandal, Doerr thought there were only VC’s in the room. He was wrong, there were reporters and investigators in the room, too. Doerr showed his little powerpoint in which he described his fear that “China was going to build a nuclear reactor every week” and how “he had to stop that” with his battery scheme.

Doerr developed a Cartel of technology VC’s and entrepreneurs who would execute on this plan. Elon Musk was their key deployment tool.

By working with mining companies who had resources in the Middle East, while funding the campaigns of Reid, Obama and Feinstein and sponsoring the nominations of Steven Chu and Eric Holder, John Doerr’s company: the notorious Kleiner Perkins, had it all in the bag.

BUT.. they ignored one key factor: Science!

They let their greed and hubris overcome common-sense, mathematical facts and known dangers that real scientists already knew were barreling towards them.

Doerr’s buddy, Steven Chu, famously gutted the entire United States hydrogen and fuel cell program, in order to protect his, and his crony’s lithium and indium stock market holdings.

All of the lithium was supposed to come from a monopoly of the Afghanistan lithium fields, that Doerr had acquired through his federal buddies.

Afghanistan is noted to be one of the most corrupt nations in the world. Made obvious by the loss/theft of 800 billion U.S. tax dollars that went there and then disappeared. Treasury, GAO, OMB and other officials are in shock over the lack of paperwork which should have been in place to track these taxpayer dollars. While Afghanistan is an awful place to invest U.S. tax money in, it is the perfect place to run an organized crime scam.

OMB, GAO, Treasury and many to news outlets now calculate the U.S. losses, to-date, in Afghanistan, at well over six trillion dollars, with little, or nothing, to show in the assets column.

A famous shaving supply company famously said: “We don’t sell shaving razors, we sell razor blades”. A famous game company said: “We don’t sell game boxes, we sell game cartridges”.

Elon Musk doesn’t sell cars, he sells lithium for John Doerr and The Silicon Valley Cartel.

Tesla, the Gigafactory, even Solar City and his wall mounted home batteries, it is all about running the lithium battery scam for campaign financiers.

To buy his silence and reward him, Musk has now been exposed in national media as America’s “biggest living federal mooch”, having been paid billions and billions of taxpayer dollars in hand-outs and giveaways, at the expense of the U.S. taxpayer.

The Cartel has spent more than a billion dollars on “doubt” and disinformation campaigns like those shown in the feature film: “Merchants of Doubt”. Whenever the word “hydrogen” or “Fuel Cell” shows up on any blog comment in the world, Companies like Palantir, Axciom, and other web scanning services, relay those mentions to the Cartel bloggers, who immediately descend on that blog to flood it with “hydrogen Sucks” and “Elon Musk is the greatest thing since sliced bread” comments.

Back in the day, John Doerr and his cohorts at Goldman Sachs and McKinsey Consulting flooded Washington, finance newspapers and tip-sheets with whitepapers, articles and buzz-sheets saying: “Afghanistan is the Saudi Arabia of Lithium”, “Over a trillion dollars of lithium found in Afghanistan” ad other related hype. This was based on documents acquired from the Russians who had previously tried, and failed, to take over Afghanistan. That was during the Afghan period in which the U.S. was paying Bin Laden to help screw up the Russians, before Bin Laden turned bad. Little did they suspect that the names: Frank Guistra, Ener1, Severstal and Solyndra would be their downfall.

So Doerr, Musk, Kleiner Perkins and their little Cartel were just beginners at organized crime. They had the concept but they were khaki pants, frat house Stanford mobsters so they only had greed going for them, instead of the generations-old traditions and Omerta’s of the classic Sicilian mobs.

The rushed in. They didn’t do their homework. It was a grab and go scam. What the SEC calls a “pump and dump”. But it was big. It was epic, and it roped in some of the top officials in Washington, DC.

They did not pay attention to some key facts:

  • The Russian lithium “Treasure Map” may have been a fake.

  • Lithium and Solyndra’s indium just kind if blows up when it wants to, or when it gets wet, or when it gets bumped. People are now dead, planes are crashed, and homes are burned up because of this fact.

  • Lithium in electronics goes off in airplane and subway cabins, on it’s own, exposing passengers to cancer causing, brain damaging, liver destroying chemical fumes

  • You have to get all of the lithium from countries that hate the U.S… See the national security issues there? Did Elon Musk and John Doerr cause ISIS by doing such audacious things to the poor Afghan sheep herders? Maybe!

  • Panasonic, one of their key allies, has been indicted for price fixing, dumping, killing factory workers and racketeering and corruption. They sound like a lovely company.

  • When you make lithium ion batteries, the chemicals and powders are so dangerous that even China!, CHINA, who is known for going for almost anything, is shutting down battery factories; won’t support them. So Musk and his buddies bribed Harry Reid, again, to put his battery factory in Nevada and “just ignore all of those silly rules and regulations vast numbers of past factory worker deaths…”

  • Li Ion and Li Poly cells have Lithium in them and that is why they have five times the energy density of other chemistries. Powdered Lithium, if heated sufficiently, struck, exposed to air or GOTTEN WET, can ignite and burn. Understand: we can test, report, educate, add in any kind of safety device but, as long as Li is present there may be some way that it might be ignited.
  • Fireman can’t extinguish a lithium fire. Lithium combined with the aluminium in a Tesla creates a technical firebomb.
  • Tesla had to bribe the NHTSA to curtail a safety investigation because a “complete” public safety investigation of Tesla would have put them out of business over-night. The NHTSA lead executive resigned 48 hours after being confronted with this fact.

So why do Elon Musk and John Doerr hate Hydrogen and fuel cells?

Because they show the Musk/Doerr Cartel up for exactly what it is: A Scam.

Hydrogen and fuel cells work better !


Let’s contrast lithium with hydrogen via published report:

Hydrogen Vs. Lithium Batteries

A “fuel cell car” and an “electric car” ARE THE SAME THING. The shills want you to think otherwise. The only difference is where the electricity is stored. You can pull the batteries out of every Zenn, Tesla, Zap, EV1, Venture Vehicle, etc. and pop a fuel cell/hydrogen pack in the same hole and go further, more efficiently in EVERY SINGLE CASE.

A modern fuel cell and hydrogen system beats batteries on every front including:

FIRE- Batteries catch on fire constantly and have been the result of massively more fires and explosions than hydrogen. AT&T ‘s U-verse TV service now has an exploding battery problem, making it necessary for the firm to replace 17,000 backup batteries in its nationwide network. The Federal Government has OUTLAWED Lithium Batteries on airplanes because they explode unexpectedly so often. Batteries blow up when-ever they want to.

Life Span- Hydrogen power systems run massively longer and provide massively greater range per charge than batteries.

Run Time – The run time of batteries constantly shortens while hydrogen does not.

Memory Effect- This effect is not present in hydrogen systems

Recharge Time- modern hydrogen systems are instant recharge.

Charge life- Modern hydrogen systems can recharge massively longer than batteries before end of life.

Nano powder batteries have cancer causing powder that falls into the pores of the Chinese factory workers skin and gives them potentially fatal diseases

Cost- The cost per 300 mile range for a hydrogen car system is massively lower than a battery system. A hydrogen powered car TODAY that will drive 300 miles without a refill is 50% of the price of a battery car that will drive 300 miles without a refill.

Energy from “sour-grid”- A modern hydrogen system can be charged from a completely clean home energy system.

Can’t make energy at home- Hydrogen can be made at home. Batteries cannot.

Storage Density – Modern hydrogen technology has a massively higher storage density than batteries.

Bulky Size- Hydrogen systems are dramatically less bulky than batteries.

High Weight- The weight of batteries is so great ir reduces the reange of travel of a vehicle which causes the use of wasteful energy just to haul the batteries along with the car. Hydrogen energy systems weigh far less.

Environmental soundness- The disposal of batteries after use presents a deadly environmental issue.

Self Discharge issues- Hydrogen does not self discharge like batteries.

Batteries cause a greater carbon footprint than hydrogen

Battery shills are mostly paid for by military contractors.

The charge-keeping capability of a typical lithium-ion battery degrades steadily over time and with use. After only one or two years of use, the runtime of a laptop or cell phone battery is reduced to the point where the user experience is significantly impacted. For example, the runtime of a typical 4-hour laptop battery drops to only about 2.5 hours after 3,000 hours of use. By contrast, the latest fuel cells continue to deliver nearly their original levels of runtime well past the 2,000 and 3,000 hour marks and are still going strong at 5,000+ hours

The electrical capacity of batteries has not kept up with the increasing power consumption of electronic devices. Features such as W-LAN, higher CPU speed, “always-on”, large and bright displays and many others are important for the user but severely limited by today`s battery life. Lithium ion batteries, and lithium-polymer batteries have almost reached fundamental limits. A laptop playing a DVD today has a runtime of just above one hour on one battery pack, which is clearly not acceptable.

Batteries require coal be burned to charge them. One pound of coal has roughly 14,000 Btu of chemical energy in it. Any reference textbook says that. When that pound is burned in an electric powerplant, steam is made, which drives turbines at high speed, alternators are turned, and electricity is made. When everything operates well, all that turns out to be generally around 30% efficient, meaning that 30% of the chemical energy that started out in the coal has become actual electricity.


Elon Musk fought like hell to make sure his private kick-back scheme didn’t get shut-down:



BUT… Once Musk got his kick-back cash, he did everything he could think of to sabotage the program, and applicants, so that nobody else could get funded:




Musk and Doerr’s partner: PANASONIC, has been charged with bribes, corruption, dumping, price rigging and worse: